Problems with connection to a SQL Database

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Hi there.
First would like to thanks for an excellent piece of software.
Well, i've been trying to create something on java that would access a SQL database and, with that, applying some learning algorithm to it.
The problem is that, after i access the DB successfully, it appears to only get the tables structure failing to get the actual data in the database.

here's some examples of the code i'm using to access the DB:

DatabaseHandler dh = DatabaseHandler.getConnectedDatabaseHandler("database link", "user", "pass");
DatabaseExampleTable db = DatabaseExampleTable.createDatabaseExampleTable(dh, "TABLE_NAME");
after i apply the algorithm with some code like this:

DecisionTreeLearner dtl = new DecisionTreeLearner(od);
ExampleSet e = exampledb();
Model m = dtl.doWork(e);
i got the error:

com.rapidminer.operator.UserError: The example set has no examples
anyone has any idea what could be the problem?
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