"FP-Growth Assocation Rules confidence 1"

steve0steve0 Member Posts: 6 Contributor II
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Would it be strange if confidence was 1.0 for alot of rules on FP-growth assocation rules from a dataset. I did get .952 and 955 on a few but i am worried that maybe something is incorrect and i am getting a very high rate.

I have set min confidence .95 and thick the option find min no of itemsets.


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    SebastianLohSebastianLoh Member Posts: 99 Contributor II
    Hi Steve

    it is hard to tell if your results are correct because it highly depends on the data you used.

    What you could do is learn the rules on a small subset of your data and validate the confidence manually.

    However, we think the results should be correct.

    Ciao Sebastian.
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