"How do I configure Mac OS to use Java 7 instead of Java 6"

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Important: This article is only relevant for old RapidMiner Studio versions which were not yet bundled as an App!



After installing Java 7 there are at least two Java installations available on Mac OS. When running Java the operating system follows a link to the version currently marked as default. In some cases this link still points to the Java 6 installation despite having a functional Java 7 installation.


Open a terminal and navigate to the directory /System/Library/Frameworks/JavaVM.framework/Versions by typing:

      cd /System/Library/Frameworks/JavaVM.framework/Versions

Make sure that you have a valid Java 7 installation before changing the link to the current version. You can do this by typing:

      ./A/Commands/java -version

The output should start with “java version 1.7…“ . If it does not, do not continue with the following steps but rather see “What is Java and how do I install it?” for instructions on how to install Java 7 on Mac.

To modify the link to point at the Java 7 installation type in the following two commands (you may have to enter your password):

      sudo mv Current CurrentBackUp    
sudo ln -s A Current

Mac OS should now use Java 7 by default.

Hint: To switch back to Java 6 type in:

      sudo mv CurrentBackUp Current


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