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Hi all,

I am integrating RapidMiner in my application and I want to redirect RapidMiner logs to a file. I have found the way to redirect the output of a single process to a file by setting ProcessRootOperator.PARAMETER_LOGFILE, however I can't find how to redirect the actual RM logs (e.g. ones that you get when initializing RM). Documentation says to use LogService.initGlobalLogging method, however there is no such method in my RM distribution (I got the head version of RM 5 from the subversion).

As a sidenote: it seems to me that exception logs are redirected to System.err anyways, even if ProcessRootOperator.PARAMETER_LOGFILE is set. Is there any way to put it in the process log file so that I know which process have thrown this exception in case of several processes?

I will appreciate any help on these problems. Thanks!


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    i deactivated logging with

    maybe that helps you a bit.

    regards simon
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    RapidMiner uses Java's regular java.util.logging API. E.g., LogService.getRoot() will deliver the root Logger. com.rapidminer.Process has its individual Logger used while executing the process. You can register whatever Handlers you like with these loggers. Sun has documentation on this.

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