"incompatible # of attributes error messages"

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hey there,

I am working with a data set in Excel. I've tried to run it both as a CSV and as an excel spreadsheet.

I am attempting to run an SVM on a data set for a class project. the error message I am receiving reads, "cannot apply model: incompatible numbers of attributes (18 != 16)!

I don't understand. since I am just using one data set, why this is happening.  I did 2 set role boxes in the training and testing side of the process. one on each side sets the ID attribute as the ID. the other set role box on each side sets the foreclosure rate attribute to "label."  When I look at the attribute info boxes on that pop up when i put the mouse on the set role boxes, on the training side I see an extra attribute for "label" while on the testing side i see that attribute and another attribute, "prediction."

is this not how it should be? what am I doing wrong?
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