RM 5 messing up my processes

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I just noticed that RM 5 (latest version, really! I updated my 64bit installation the right way (with reinstalling)) seems to mess up my processes.

I use different processes for applying different transformations on my data. E.g. I have one process for replacing missing values and another for generating new attributes for a subset of my data. So in the end I have one process which calls severals processes and that's where the misery begins.

I just finished one process and tried to use it in another. It failed. After a while I found out that RM probably swallowed some options in the previously finished process. Only it did it not while saving but while using it in my new process.

Now just before I started writing this post RM overwrote one of my processes with a process I was currently working on. I wasn't working on the one who got overwritten, just to make it clear. You propably can imagine that I'm quite pissed off right now :)

If my explanations are too unclear I can try to explain it in german to one of the mods again.

Otherwise if somebody understands me and has similiar problems it would be great if he (or you) writes me about it.

I wonder if it's a problem of the 64bit version of RM?!

BTW: I had a similiar problem one year ago, when using RM  4.4. It swallowed frequently all the dots which were used as options for my operators.


Sorry, I forgot to mention that it probably the accidential overwriting of one my processes could be linked to inconsistencies with opening processes by double clicking in the repository browser. I already noticed that there's no check for "Save on exit" with this procedure too.


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    landland RapidMiner Certified Analyst, RapidMiner Certified Expert, Member Posts: 2,531 Unicorn
    I noticed this undesired behavior, too, if you accidentally open other processes from repository. I'm not sure if this is already filed as a feature request, but you might check this out on bugs.rapid-i.com.

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