how to print out the exact classification results?

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I know that the operator: Operator performance = OperatorService.createOperator("ClassificationPerformance");, could give the accuracy, number of misclassified examples, etc., however, how to print out the detailed classification results?

For example, there are 10 examples for testing, I would like to know exactly which example is classified correctly, and which wrongly.

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    this is a little bit difficult if you don't have a separated Training and Test Set. If you have, you just have to train the model on the training set and apply it to the test set. The results will then be written to the ExampleSet.
    But if you wish to use XValidation, there's a principal problem, because the examples of each fold are predicted by a different model, that is trained on different examples. Which conclusion are you going to draw from this?

    XValidation will give you a good impression of what performance can be achieved realistically, but won't let you assess the detailed model applications.

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