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Since I am not really a programmer and never used JAVA I dont know if its possible or not.
But it would be much more userfriendly to have sort of a selector in the GUI where you can
just choose attributes (names) which you need as parameters for certain operators (e.g. Aggregation, FeatureGeneration).

At the moment I need always to look in my raw data and look for the attribute name
which should be included. Then I need to  insert it manually in the parameter list.

Is it somehow possible to have a "pre-access" to the examplesources
where the attribute names are catched and could be further used as clickable selectors?
(Similiar to the aggregation_function pulldown (average, variance, etc) in the
aggregation_attributes edit-window for the Aggregation operator)


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    TobiasMalbrechtTobiasMalbrecht Moderator, Employee, Member Posts: 295 RM Product Management

    unfortunately, it is not that easy to add this feature in the current implementation design. But we agree that this definitely increases useability to a large extent which means that we plan to add this feature to RapidMiner. Since the aforementioned difficulty to add this to the current implementation design this will however only be possible as a part of a partial re-design of the software which we will be able to accomplish at the earliest during the design of the next major release of RapidMiner.

    Hence, for the moment there is no other way than to manually specify each attribute in the parameters.

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