How to build a learning modul and to check the hole data set with it?

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I have 100'000 data sets, where some of them are positive and some of them negative. They are tagged differently. Now i d'like to build a learning part, where I can put in some of those datas to learn from and to classified which datas are positive with which tags and which datas are not positives. I've already build it with Rapidminer 4.6 like this: Root Process / ExampleSource (included my datas) .... how i need to carry on, but how? Sorry but I am an absolut beginner in Rapidminer.

Thanks a lot for your help ;D


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    first of all I would recommend to change to RapidMiner 5.0, since it's much more beginner friendly. Then please go through the online tutorial, that will make you familiar with RapidMiner and how to tackle common tasks. You should then be able to comprehend how to solve this in a simple way and soon you have become an experienced beginner :)

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