[solved] double click speed under Linux

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I noticed that in RapidMiner and other Java applications (except Eclipse), the double click speed required was very high. That is, the two clicks have to be _very_ shortly after each other to be registered as double click. Made the applications near-unusable.

For my linux operating system (Kubuntu), I today found the solution: the double click speed for X (and hence appearently java applications) is not set via the usual graphical system settings.
To set a new speed, simply create the file .Xresources in your home directory, with the folowing content:
*multiClickTime: 500
To activate this setting, then give the following command on the console:
xrdb ~/.Xresources
Pronto, your java programs behave normally, double-click wise.

The following forum entrys have more details on this solution:

Happy Mining, now.
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