Memory looks low!

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My system monitor in RM5 is showing a Max memory of 61MB!

At the moment i cant even generate a test file with over 50000 records...  is there a setting i need to change?

I am running a 6 core 64bit widows 7 machine with 4gig of memory..




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    the reason is quite simple (at least I assume this): You have a 64-Bit Windows system but you downloaded the 32-Bit version of RapidMiner. In that case, only about 64 Mb of memory are used by RapidMiner. Just download and install the correct version and you will be fine.

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    Hi there thanks for the reply

    I was going to do that but i wanted the ingres bundle, which is only 32bit for download...  is there a way around this?


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