"Rapidminer 5 API changes?"

windswinds Member Posts: 4 Contributor I
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We have some operators that work in RM 4.6, but don't compile against the new rapiminder 5 jar.  Does anyone have a pointer to any documentation for API changes in RM 5?



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    cherokeecherokee Member Posts: 82 Maven
    Hi winds,

    I would say you have two possibilities:
    • Buy the whitepaper in the shop (direct link). It explaines how to write your own extensions (Operators, IOObjects,...). Its quite good and you will know what you have to change.
    • Have a look into some operators and figure it out. I would suggest some [tt]Abstract...[/tt] operator -- there is little to none processing going on but you will see the general procedure.
    Best regards,
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