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I am trying to select the ten most "important" variables out of 24.  The goal is to use the first component of PCA analysis to find these ten variables.  I have set "generations_without_improval" in the WeightGuidedFeatureSelection to 14 - so that ten variables are selection.  I've tried various numbers and sometimes I get the following error and sometimes I do not.  The error I keep getting is, "Process Failed  IndexOutOfBoundException caught: Index:0, Size:0.

My process looks like this,

Does anyone know what this error means?  I've tried searching the documentation but cannot find it.  Does anyone know possibly a different way to use PCA to select the ten most "important" variables (i.e. eliminating the redundant members)?  Thanks for any help as it is greatly appreciated!!!


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    Hello Tyler,

    this might be caused due to a chromozome by an accident contain no attribute. Please set aslo the lowest possible number of attributes for your chromozomes.

    Hope this help.

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