"Read CSV with correctly guessed types"

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first of all i have to say that RapidMiner is really great! Its really nice to work with it.

I have a small problem with importing CSV files, i followed the tutorial video and it works fine (creating a data table in the repository). But this way the data is static and does not get updates of the original file. So my question is, is there a way to update the repository data table?
I tried to workaround it, by loading the CSV directly but this way the datatypes are incorrect (integer everywhere). Is this normal? Which operator does the import wizard apply to get the correct types? I tried guess types but it does not work.



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    the import wizard as well as the read csv operator will be greatly improved in the upcoming 5.1 version.
    The current implementation searches the first 1000 lines of your data and guesses the value types by choosing the most specific common type. Might it be the case, that the first 1000 lines of your csv file are all integer?

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