Bug in 'Set Role' interface ?!

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I have connected a Set Role operator to a ReadARFF operator to change an attribute role. When first clicking on the drop-down menu for paraemter 'name'  all attributes contained in the arff file are displayed. Select a different operator. Select the 'Set Role' operator again. Clicking on the drop down menu 'name' displays only the already selected attribute name. Close the menu without deselecting operator. open menu again. All attribute names are displayed.


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    this is actually not a bug but a convenience feature:
    • just type in the first few letters will only show selections starting with those letters
    • if the current text uniquely identify one of the possible items in the selection, only this item is shown
    • so the question arises: how to change to another selection after there already is some text?
    • here is the answer: just open the selection list again and all available items will be shown. Alternatively you could also remove the text before you open the selection list.
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