Using RapidMiner for RealTime Classification?

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Say I have some process setup and it's working like I want it to on my test data.  Now I want to classify new data.  But not only that, I would like to do it in real-time within RapidMiner.  Is this possible to do?  I envision that whenever an example set is updated with new examples, it would run the algos only on the new data and update the output resultSet accordingly.


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    fischerfischer Member Posts: 439 Maven

    using RapidMiner alone this is probably not possible. The reason is not that you cannot update your predictions which is certainly possible. However, I don't see how you would trigger the event of new examples arriving. Where are they coming from? I think the best way would be to design some service-like thing, e.g. deploying your process in RapidAnalytics and classifying examples using the service.

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