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"Logistic Regression PMML"

btb2tbtb2t Member Posts: 1 Contributor I
edited June 2019 in Help

Should I be able to write PMML for a regular (non-evolutionary) Logistic Regression model?  I get an error stating "The class MyKLRModel cannot be exported to PMML" regardless of whether kernel type is set to dot or not.

If not, is this a limitation of PMML or RapidMiner?  ie could I manually write PMML to match a Logistic Regression generated by RapidMiner?

And by the way, the Write PMML operator does work if I use Evolutionary Logistic Regression and set the kernel type to dot.  The results are much worse though.

thank you,


  • Miguel_B_scherMiguel_B_scher Member Posts: 9 Contributor II
    Hi Ben.

    You are right.
    Currently you can't write a PMML file for your data using logistic regression with a specific kernel other than dot.
    Thats because you simply cant switch the kernel type in a PMML file. You can take a look to the LogisticregressionPMMLWriter class in die PMML plugin.

    This limitation is more a PMML limitation. explains very well whats possible and how its done.

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