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Hey Rapiminers,


I m looking for some help. I wonna use a use a formular on the result values like Excel. Here an examle for easier understanding.


Label Result




Example Value





If value "Label Result" is ">" than "Example Value" than set True else Wrong


Table example

Label Result | Example Value | Formular

4.5 | 3 | True

3.5 | 5 | Wrong


Thanks for helping






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    You could use the Generate Attribute operator. It allows the use of If/Then statements and calculations. 

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    Hi Christian,


    nice to have you on board! 


    A simple Generate Attributes should do the trick. Works pretty similar to Excel. Maybe you want to use a set role operator in the after math.



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  • christianchristian Member Posts: 2 Contributor I

    Wow, that was a quick answer. 


    mschmitz and Thomas_Ott thanks for your help.

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