Ideas Exchange Guidelines

Ideas Guidelines


Your Ideas are important to us and we take every one seriously.  Before you get started, make sure you review the following guidelines.


Remember to Search first. Please search the community before submitting a new idea. If your idea is already there, don’t be downhearted (great minds think alike) and you still have 3 ways to contribute:


  1. Hit the Like Icon – to show your support for this idea. This is how members vote and will give us at RapidMiner an indication of how popular this idea is.
  2. Look at the Comments – there may be further refining of the idea necessary, additional points to consider, and the RapidMiner team may have asked for clarifications.
  3. You can also thank the original author… maybe send them a personal message – looks like they have similar interests to you.


Show your idea in RapidMiner or other tools.  Can you show the idea in a workflow, include some R or Python code? Maybe you can attach a Powerpoint or pdf, or link out to a video?


Include a Reason. What problem will your idea solve? Is this for a specific industry or use case?  


 Look & Like.   Take a look at the other Ideas on the board from other members. Use the Labels to narrow a search to all the Ideas on a particular subject. If you Like an idea, hit the Like button. The most Liked Ideas will get more attention from RapidMiner Product Management and Development.



Every Idea has a status set by our Product Management Team. Here’s the list:


  • Initial status
  • Open for Voting – your chance to vote for the Ideas of others.
  • Released – The idea has been implemented and delivered to our customers. Look for the release version denoted in the item, and check out the RapidMiner docs site for details on how to start using it.
  • Duplicate – Ideas in this status have already been submitted in some form or another. We will link these items over to the original idea so you can review the status or track the progress there.


We will make our best endeavours to review every Idea in a timely manner, evaluate it and keep you up-to-date with where this Idea is.


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