RapidMiner wants YOUR feedback!

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RapidMiner wants YOUR feedback!

Hi there!


My name is Brett Rowley and I am the Principal UI/UX Designer here at RapidMiner. A critical piece of my job is engaging with users (and non-users!) to better understand their relationship with RapidMiner's products.


I'm hoping to connect with RapidMiner Community members to build a "user feedback group." This group would have the opportunity to directly influence new feature development within RapidMiner. This might include:

  • testing new features under development
  • evaluating the effectiveness of current features
  • giving us better insight into your day-to-day working context


Don't worry about whether you are "experienced enough" for this feedback group! All users of all levels can provide invaluable feedback to me and my design team.


If you're interested in joining the feedback group, please take 2-3 minutes and complete this form:

Join the Feedback Group!


Looking forward to hearing from you all!






Brett Rowley