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Write for Us Program Information

The RapidMiner Write for Us program now allows Guest Blogging at the RapidMiner Community Blog and $$$ for Building Blocks and Knowledge Base articles!!! 


Guest Blogging


If you've recently used RapidMiner in an interesting use case, have special tips and tricks to share, or even a new extension you created, please feel free to submit a summary for consideration. You can Private Message me with your summary and if it's accepted you can write the whole thing. We'll publish it on your behalf and provide you with a link back to your site. You may submit a short bio which will be included at the bottom of the post.


There is no cash (swag maybe) for Guest Blogging and any Partner, Community Users, and even RapidMiner Staff can take part in this.. Note: any of these terms and conditions can change at the drop of a hat. Feel free to Private Message me with any questions you might have.


Make $$$!


Do you love sharing some of your insight using RapidMiner?  Want to share AND get rewarded for it?  Then take part in the Building Block and Knowledge Base article for cash program below!


Building Blocks

If you have an interesting Building Block that you'd like to share, then send over a paragraph and a sample process with it to me. We'll review it and if accepted, go ahead and write up a detailed explanation of what the Building Block does, along with the Building Block itself and a sample process. We'll pay you $20 (USD) per Building Block once we received your writeup, reviewed it, and posted it.


Knowledge Base Articles

Knowledge Base (KB) articles are also a great way to show off how to do something with RapidMiner Studio, Server, or Radoop. The same process applies to this as with the Building Blocks above. If you have an idea for a great Knowledge Base Article, send me a short paragraph with your idea. If accepted, then go ahead and start writing.

A few things to do when writing a KB article, make sure to:

  1. include images;
  2. detailed explanations of each step, and;
  3. include sample process that can easily be reproduced.


For a short KB article we'll pay you $25 (USD) and for a long KB article we'll pay $50 (USD). What's the difference between a short and long KB article? That's easy.


A short KB article is on how do a simple thing. Like pass a JSON file to RapidMiner Server or how to save a R or Python model in RapidMiner. A long KB article would include a full use case and the application of RapidMiner thru the entire development cycle. It could include the mashup of scripts too (Groovy, Python, R, etc). Of course you should provide sample process and data (anonymized if required).


Disclaimers apply, of course. Partners and Employees are not allowed to take part in the $$$ program, and we reserve to right to change anything at anytime. 

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Community Manager

Re: Write for Us Program Information

There is no cash or swag for Guest Blogging, that's coming later in another phase.


Tell me more!  Can I get one of these RapidMiner Flash t-shirts?!?





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RM Certified Expert

Re: Write for Us Program Information

The first 5 Community Guest Bloggers will get a free t-shirt! Limited time only! Act NOW!

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RM Certified Expert

Re: Write for Us Program Information

I think you should honor some of the earlier pioneer community bloggers (cough, cough) with a Flash t-shirt as well!  

Brian T., Lindon Ventures - www.lindonventures.com
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Re: Write for Us Program Information

Just a follow-up to you, @Telcontar120, about swag.  Smiley Happy  It is highly likely (wink, wink) that there will be another RapidMiner Data Science Competition soon, sponsored by RapidMiner.  And there will be cash prizes + SWAG to give away.  Stay tuned!

Scott Genzer
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