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Re: RapidMiner Data Modeling CHALLENGE - $100 prize

Thank you @mschmitz and @IngoRM for your comments and submission, and your affirmation that indeed @bigD is our winner!  Congratulations, Dan, and thank you everyone for participating.  I certainly enjoyed it and have already learned quite a bit through the process - well worth $100 to me and my business.


Dan - I will PM you about how to get your prizes to you.  Thank you all!


Scott Genzer
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RM Staff

Re: RapidMiner Data Modeling CHALLENGE - $100 prize

Congratulations, @bigD for your great solution!  And many thanks again to @sgenzer for organizing this fun challenge!  I hope we can see something like this more frequently in the future (winkwink to @Thomas_Ott).




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RM Certified Expert

Re: RapidMiner Data Modeling CHALLENGE - $100 prize

You bet @IngoRM, I'm lining up another one right now. 

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