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Dynamically add input from database to RapidMiner through Java

HI, private static IOObject myExampleSet; public static void main(String[] args) throws Exception { JFrame frame = new JFrame("Rapidminer"); frame.setLocation(0, 0); JLabel label = new JLabel(); frame.add(new JScrollPane(label)); final String processPath = "/C:/Users/Administrator/.RapidMiner/repositories/Local Repository/processes/clustermodel.rmp"; try { // Init RapidMiner RapidMiner.setExecutionMode(ExecutionMode.EMBEDDED_WITH_UI); Plugin.setInitPlugins(true); RapidMiner.init(); // Load process final com.rapidminer.Process process = new com.rapidminer.Process(new File(processPath)); IOContainer ioResult = process.run(); IOObject result = ioResult.getElementAt(0); // or whatever index you // need String name = RendererService.getName(result.getClass()); List renderers = RendererService.getRenderers(name); for (Renderer renderer : renderers) { // you don't really need to // iterate over this, it's // probably only one anyway // Smiley Wink IOContainer dummy = new IOContainer(); // edit size of image here int imgWidth = 1100; int imgHeight = 1100; Reportable reportable = renderer.createReportable(result, ioResult, imgWidth, imgHeight); if (reportable instanceof Renderable) { Renderable renderable = (Renderable) reportable; renderable.prepareRendering(); int preferredWidth = renderable.getRenderWidth(1000); int preferredHeight = renderable.getRenderHeight(1000); final BufferedImage img = new BufferedImage(imgWidth, imgHeight, BufferedImage.TYPE_INT_RGB); Graphics2D graphics = (Graphics2D) img.getGraphics(); graphics.setColor(Color.WHITE); graphics.fillRect(0, 0, imgWidth, imgHeight); // scale to whatever you need graphics.scale(2, 2); renderable.render(graphics, preferredWidth, preferredHeight); label.setIcon(new ImageIcon(img)); } } frame.setVisible(true); frame.pack(); frame.setDefaultCloseOperation(JFrame.EXIT_ON_CLOSE); System.out.println(ioResult); } catch (Exception ex) { } This is what i have now its working fine and i want to add input from mysql or any database to rapidminer through java . Anyone have idea about that please help me to find solution Thank you,
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RM Certified Expert

Re: Dynamically add input from database to RapidMiner through Java

I'm not sure I understand what you are asking. Would you please format your code using the </> option in the format bar?

Learner I arulganesanaras
Learner I

Re: Dynamically add input from database to RapidMiner through Java

Hi, Thank you for valuable reply Here is my code


try {
			final String processPath = "/C:/Users/Administrator/.RapidMiner/repositories/Local Repository/processes/writexl.rmp";
		 			Process pr = new Process("processPath");
			Operator op = pr.getOperator("Process");
			op.setParameter(ExcelExampleSource.PARAMETER_EXCEL_FILE, processPath2Save);
			 			ioResult = pr.run(ioInput);

		} catch (Exception e) {


The above code is working fine.I want to add input from mysql or any other database instead of selecting *.rmp file.

please help me to find solution.

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