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Vary tax code percentage according to module

Learner II sandeep_tekslat
Learner II

Vary tax code percentage according to module

is there a way to make the same tax code percentage vary according to the sap module you use it in? like tax code vz 19% in mm, tax code vz 0% in sd. maybe there is a certain transaction that offers the respective settings?

No it is not possible to have one tax code both for purchase and sales. SD Module For each tax code, you can see a field "Tax type" which will differentiate whether it is intended for sales or purchase and ofcourse, all your financial postings will also happen based on this.


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Re: Vary tax code percentage according to module

hello @sandeep_tekslat - I have moved your posts here in the Academia forum as we had talked about.  I am not sure there are others here who will answer your questions about SAP but you are welcome to try.  Smiley Happy


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