CSV File Sytnax Error

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Learner II

CSV File Sytnax Error

The csv file from the URL https://files.ontario.ca/opendata/2536_bridge_conditions.csv has 4 rows of labels and data that i need to take out. The 4th row can stay as it is in english labels that i would like to keep. I am running into issues where when i use the import wizard the top rows either come with a sytax error and there is only french labels or if i deselect the escpae characters i get all the original rows but its shifted the data below the 4th row and throws everything off from the attribute it should be on. Beyond the tedious solutions of commenting out the top 4 rows and relabeling all the attributes myself, is there a simple solution to my problem? Thanks!

RapidMiner Error.PNGWith syntax errorExcel File.PNGoriginal csv file screenshotRapidMiner noError.PNGwizard with no escape character selected and weird shift of examples

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Community Manager

Re: CSV File Sytnax Error

hi @kugyelka - so I think RapidMiner is telling you something that cannot be easily ignored - there is a weird error in cell L4 of the original csv.  You can see it if you look at the csv in a text editor:


Screen Shot 2017-11-14 at 11.47.52 AM.png


So those quotation marks are messing everything up.  If this is a one-off, I would simply delete the quotation marks.  If it's something you are going to do over and over again, I would import as a text file, delete the quotation marks, and then Read CSV.


Scott Genzer
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Re: CSV File Sytnax Error

This post is related to this one: https://community.rapidminer.com/t5/RapidMiner-Studio-Forum/I-cannot-read-the-data-correctly-Help/m-... Same file.

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