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Convert and compare - Date and Time


I have a dataset with 2 columns (Date and Time):

Date showing "1/1/2016", "23/4/2016".

Time showing "12:04:06 PM", "7:12:23 AM".


Question: I would like to show that any data with date (earlier than 3/2/2016) or time (earlier than 9:00:00 AM), a status will show "1" else show "2", I tried below but having error. May I know which area I have done wrongly and can the display be kept as original?



1. I import the data and noticed that the data type is polynominal for the date and time.

2. Thus,  I used the data transformation "Nominal to Date":

   a) For date, i convert to "date" data type with date format as "dd/mm/yyyy"

   b) For time, I convert to "time" data type with date format as "hh:mm:ss a"

3. I used generate attribute to do comparison.

     a) attribute name: status

     b) function expression: if(Date<"3/2/2016" || Time<"9:00:00 AM",1,2)


However, I received the following error:


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RM Certified Expert

Re: Convert and compare - Date and Time

I think you need to use the eval() function for this, which I don't think is available in the version you are using. It appears you are using v5.3?

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