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Input variale

I have a table x,y and z. X and y are numerical and z (a, b of c). Depending on x and y you get a z. Suppoost I use this table in Rapid Miner and learn. Now I have a know x and y. How put it in Rapid Miner and get the output of z from Rapid Miner?
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Re: Input variale

I would suggest you watch these getting started videos. They go over model building and scoring, which is what you're trying to do here.





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RM Certified Expert

Re: Input variale

Of course, if the function to generate z directly from x and y is known, then this can be done simply using a Generate Attributes operator, which supports most common mathematical functions.  Otherwise, as @Thomas_Ott said, you are going to have to delve into the world of predictive modeling.


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