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Uplift model How to

Hello, I am interested in being able to use the techniques of uplift (true response, net modeling, etc.) model, but I do not find in their knowledge base, forums or samples.


I understand that it is key for these models to use control groups in the last stage of design but I do not know how to apply them.


Do you have an example of use or any documentation where it is detailed with Rapidminer?


Thanks in advance.

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Re: Uplift model How to

hello @RAC - sorry no one has chimed in here.  Have you looked at the Lift Chart Template?


Screen Shot 2017-09-05 at 9.39.18 PM.png



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Re: Uplift model How to

Thanks  I know it, but this only works for part of an uplift model. It would need to be integrated with a method for comparing the outcome against a control group (Graph1). The difference between the two would be the gain and would result in a real uplift different from the one not used by the control group.


For example, for a customer segment they can give many positive responses as a result of a campaign, but if compared to a control group that has not received such a campaign and represents the same segments, it may be possible to discover that without such a campaign the same result (false positives) or even worse (false negatives). These should be discarded from the entire action (Graph2).The goal is to discard these from the entire action.


Graph 1Graph 1

Graph 2Graph 2

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