We are looking for YOU!!!

RM Staff
RM Staff

We are looking for YOU!!!



This is Ingo, the founder of RapidMiner.  Today we are here to look for a new team member for our Boston office.  Are you a data scientist with some experience in RapidMiner?  Then the following might be of interest to you!

















We are looking for a presales engineer.  Sounds fancy, but what this means is that you are working as data scientist, learning about the analytical problems our users want to share, introduce our products to people, and even create proof of concepts.  If you mix this with a good amount of communication (including the problem understanding part!), then this is a pretty exciting role.  Well, it is what I did for many years myself so I might be a bit biased here Smiley Wink


The job requires a physical presence in Boston and you need to be eligible to work in the US.  If you like data science, know RapidMiner, and have fun working with great people - then you should consider this!


Here is more information and some guidance about how to apply: https://rapidminer.workable.com/jobs/440004


Looking forward to welcoming somebody of you in our team soon!




How to load processes in XML from the forum into RapidMiner: Read this!