‎06-23-2016 07:02 AM


Hi Ingo


Thank you for the invitation to the community.

I’m a masters student in Data Analytics at National University of xxxxxxxx and as a part of our course we build and test different prediction models using different data science tools.

I’m a first time user of rapidminer and so far enjoyed working on it. However the trial version of 14 days is too short to get a feel of the product.


I would really appreciate if you can provide the tool available to students for free at least for a year so that we could explore the potential of rapidminer.


Glad to hear that your first experiences have been positive.  Don’t worry about the 14 days trial: you can continue to use after the first 14 days although some features will be limited then.  But there is also an academic program for RapidMiner.  Check it out here:  https://rapidminer.com/academia/


Much success with your studies,

How to load processes in XML from the forum into RapidMiner: Read this!