‎09-26-2016 11:23 AM



To help meet the demand for training on RapidMiner, we are rolling out a series of "Live-Online" courses. This means you can study without having to travel to one of our classroom sessions, while getting the guidance from a real-life instructor (Virtual Instructor-Led Training or VILT). So wherever you are in the world, you can get up to speed and get Certified status on RapidMIner.


We appreciate that not all people will want to learn in the say way, so have set up three class types:


2 Day Classes

This version consist of 4 hours live online training on two consecutive days (4 hrs. each). The live portion is amended by an additional two times 4 hours of self-study and solving exercises.


Weekly Lecture

In this delivery mode you are attending four 2-hour live-training sessions over a period of 4 to 5 weeks (depending on holiday weeks). In between the live session you will have time to work through exercises and preform self-study in preparation for the next session


RapidMiner Analyst Bootcamp

In this bundle you attend the “2-day” classes of RapidMiner in one week and then you are granted access to complete the RapidMiner Analyst Certification exam during the following 60 days.


More details of these Learning options  and the all the schedules can be found here: