Fuzzy Logic

Hi, is there something that performs fuzzy logic within Rapid miner?
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Re: Fuzzy Logic


out of the box RapidMiner does not support any fuzzy logic. But depending on your problem you may be able to emulate some basics operations with other operators. If you have further questions, please post them here. Giving a more detailed problem description will probably also be useful.


Marius Helf

Re: Fuzzy Logic

It's for a trading model I am attempting to create. I have technical indicators that have rules associated with them. I basically want to use these as inputs into the "fuzzy model" that would output a buy/sell signal. Since fuzzy models do not exist in RapidMiner, are there other operators that would allow me to perform this action in the manner of a fuzzy model?

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Fuzzy Logic - Name columns



We want to implement 'fuzzy logic' on name columns between 2 tables to find out closer match or match percentage.


Ex: table_1, col_name_1 and table_2, col_name_2

table_1, col_name_1 values:
Dr. John Smith
Dr. John Smith Jr.
Dr. J. R. Smith III
Dr. John Smith, D.D.S.
Dr. John L. Smith, M.D.
John Q. Smith, M.D.
John Q. Van Morrisson, M.D


table_2, col_name_2 - value:

John Smith

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RM Certified Expert

Re: Fuzzy Logic - Name columns

RapidMiner has no fuzzy logic operator but you can try the Levenshtein distance operator in the new Operator Toolbox extension. http://community.rapidminer.com/t5/Community-Blog/Introducing-the-Operator-Toolbox-Extension/ba-p/36...

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