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Text Extraction from Excel cell



I have just started out with RapidMiner. I have a scenario where my input is list of tokens(only one field) saved in an Excel A. Next step is to extract the whole cell content from Excel B if there is a match.In addition to this, the corresponding fields fields from Excel B also should be displayed.I tried using process documents and cut document operators but couldn't proceed further.Any help woud be appreciated.


Ex: Column Token has value "test" in Excel A

Excel B -Column Desc: "This test is a good test" , Status: Good, Priority: Critical

               Column Desc: "This is good" , Status: Good, Priority: Critical


After applying Text processing, it should print the following

"This test is a good test"  Good  Critical


RM Certified Expert
RM Certified Expert

Re: Text Extraction from Excel cell

It sounds like you'll have to use two Read Excel operators for sure and you might have to use the Replace (Dictionary) operator. If that's not what you want, I'd take a look at the Generate Attributes operator, there are match and contain functions for strings.

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