on Server - "Send test email" works; using Send Mail operator does not

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Using RM Server 8. When I send a test email in System Settings, it works fine. When I use the Send Mail operator in a process run on the server, it does not work.


I added com.rapidanalytics.mail.jndi_name = java:/Mail to the config files under job-agent (and job-agent sub folders) to see if that would work - even though it's redundant - but nothing. Also, if I run the process in RM Studio on same machine (with same settings that were used in RM Server setup), it works.


Log is attached.


Please advise. Thanks.

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I've been able to reproduce your problem. I can confirm that this problem wasn't present in Server 7.6.


We are working on a solution.


Thank you for your post!

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As a workaround:

  • copy your local /home/username/.RapidMiner/cipher.key file into the RapidMiner Server/job-agent/config/container/.RapidMiner folder
  • copy the following lines from the /home/username/.RapidMiner/rapidminer-studio-settings.cfg to the RapidMiner Server/job-agent/config/container/container.properties file:
    • rapidminer.tools.mail.sender
    • rapidminer.tools.smtp.user
    • rapidminer.tools.smtp.passwd
    • rapidminer.tools.smtp.host
    • rapidminer.tools.smtp.port
    • rapidminer.tools.smtp.security
    • rapidminer.tools.smtp.authentication
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I encountering the same issue, seems like RM8 server can't apply the smtp host & port in /standalone/configuration/standalone.xml. So using the default smtp host & port as localhost & 25 alternatively.

<outbound-socket-binding name="mail-smtp">
     <remote-destination host="smtp.office365.com" port="587"/>

 Screen Shot 2018-02-06 at 11.36.17 AM.png

It's a frequent used operator for us in production env, plz fix it.



Ray Jhong

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Status: Investigating

reported to dev team - will update when addressed.





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any updates.  Having the same issue


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hello - status is that it's still in the JIRA queue with the dev team. "Upvoting" here on this forum will definitely send signals about prioritization.



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The "work around" works well for us.   If you take the settings that used to go into standalone.conf and place them into each job agents container.properties   as 

rapidminer.tools.smtp.host = somehost.com

rapidminer.tools.smtp.port = 25

The send mail should work just fine from server and will not use localhost.