Add Parameters output/input ports to Algorithm operators & enable storage/retrieval of ParameterSets

Status: Released

The Optimize Parameters operator is a very nice feature. But it has one drawback: It runs the model multiple times, default 50, so in many cases the usage of this operator costs a lot of time and resources. The obtained ParameterSet of the Optimize Parameters execution is therefore valuable data. One should be able to store them, and retreive and use them afterwards.


Therefore a suggestion to add output/input ports to algorithm operators for ParameterSets and to enable the storage of such ParameterSet in the Repository. This would enable to run the Optimize Parameters operator during non-business hours, store that ParameterSet in the Repository, and load and use the obtained Optimized ParameterSet during business hours.


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Hello again Luc,


So you can do this too.  Smiley Happy  There is a nice tutorial for you.  Search for the "Set Parameters" operator and in the help pane, click on the Tutorial Process "Building a model using an optimal parameter set".



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Status: Released

see explanation