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Hi all,

Still excited of the innovative direction RM provides by its automodel toolSmiley Happy

It would be nice however to have a zoom function in the automodel screen. I added a mockup proposal. 

Secondly, a reporting tool where the charts could be summarized in a report and exported as pdf would also be something useful. 



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Status: Open For Voting

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Hi Sven,


Quick clarification question: what is the intended scope of the zoom?  The complete panel on the right?  Only the overview charts?  All charts / the current ones?  The overview charts offer zooming already BTW (drag with your mouse from the top left to the top right - reverse this to zoom out again).


I like the idea of an PDF / PPT export :-)


Thanks for the clarification,


Hi Ingo,

My intension is the ability to have a report with the "screenshots" that demonstrated best the research question. Additionally, I can imagine that the domain expert would love to just play around with the simulators. In this context a downloadable file or URL with only the simulators would be helpful. This is only my private bucket list. Interested in the report needs for automodel of the rest of the RM community.


@IngoRM, I read today: "Data is like a dog, it requires intensive training..."