Model to Data (exampleset) operator

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Currently it is very difficult to work with tables that are generated from the mod port after an apply model operator. It would be convenient for example to be able to generate an exampleset from the weights of a linear SVM or the Support Vector table. Right now the only way to use the weights from LibSVM is to 'write as text' and then parse the file. A simple idea like trying to sort the weight table becomes quite complex. If the output is from a group models operator then managing the data is even more problematic.


Since we have weights to data, performance to data and similarity to data operators already in place, something to work with models would be very handy.


Alternatively, having a weights port on the apply model operator would also do the job as we could then use an existing operator to output the exampleset.


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Hi Alex,


I absolutely agree. Would be nice if RapidMiner could give a statement, because otherwise we would add that to our Jackhammer Extension in one of the next versions. 

I would even suggest to make ALL tabular results convertible into plain ExampleSets. This should not be connected to models in particular. Having the PCA Eigenvectors would be interesting as well...




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Hi @hughesfleming68,


Please have a look at the Converters Extension. Unfortunately we don't have yet an Operator that converts any table of a model description to an ExampleSet, but in the Converters Extension there are several additional Operators to convert IOObjects into other IOObjects (mostly into ExampleSets).
We will have a look if it is easily possible to add an additional Converter for more general Models, thanks for the idea.


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the Advanced Reporting Extension has an operator that does exactly that: Given any IOObject, it extracts all table-like structures as Example Sets and outputs them on the result ports.




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Status: Released

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