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Hopefully the Documentation is part of the Product - if not please move this post under the appropriate topic Smiley Happy


I've been browsing the online help here: http://docs.rapidminer.com/studio/operators/


I navigate to an operator I want to look at [it is a nice tree solution], It would be great if an operator data sheet (help content) would open in a new window, since after reading the help file of a given operator when I navigate back (back button on browser) I arrive to the main doc site all trees closed - accordingly I have to start the operator/tree search again.

Of course left click -> open in new window works, but sometimes I forget this...





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Hi Antal,


I'm responsible for docs.rapidminer.com, and I'm currently investigating ways to improve the presentation. I'm curious to know how you navigate that part of the website; it sounds like you spend a good deal of time looking through the operators.


In particular, to what extent do you use a search function versus navigating the tree? Which do you find more helpful and why? What could we do (besides opening a new tab) to make it easier for you?


One thing that crossed my mind was to have the operator tree in the side navigation menu. From the point of view of someone who is only interested in operators, that sounds better, although it would break the connection to the rest of the site.


Greetings, Conrad