Operator(s) for pulling Financial Data from Quandl

Status: Postponed

I have used rapidminer's Python Script operator for pulling gold and silver price data from quandl.I know that rapidminer already have these operators for yahoo finance, bloomberg, etc. This is just a suggestion but I think it would be nice if we have an operator that can pull in the table and timeseries data from Quandl.


On a similar suggestion, I think it would be nice to be able to get data from different financial data & trading vendors (e.g. Quantopians Pipeline for us equties). 

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hello @cedric_anover - welcome to the community.  I believe there was a thread about this a while back and that @Telcontar120 was using Quandl with success.  Perhaps he can chime in here?




Correct, you don't need a separate extension to get Quandl datasets--at least not the publicly available ones.  They can be retrieved easily enough using either "Get Page" (from the web mining extension) or "Read CSV" (with URL option), and probably even the new "Read HTML Table" (from the Converters extension).

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Status: Postponed

Postponed - easy workaround available