Re: Parse date time with fractional seconds (less than milliseconds) and time zone offset

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Thanks, but there seems to be a bug or error in the documentation:


In your example, you used "Z". According to the example in the documentation, +00:00 should be accepted as-is:


Z: This pattern letter represents the time zone. This pattern letter follows the rules of the 'RFC 822 Time Zone' format type. Examples include -08:00 etc


However, -08:00 is not valid in RFC822, only -0800 would be valid.


Would it be possible to create a bug/feature request? Suggested fixes and enhancements:

* Fix the example in the documentation to replace +08:00 by +0800 so that it is valid according to RFC822

* Allow fractional seconds (sub-milliseconds) using .SSSSSSSSSSS (S repeated depending on number of digits)

* Introduce a new custom format for time zones written as +00:00 (non-RFC 822)

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