Versioning is a *must*!

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For every professional development tool, some kind of versioning is a must. At the moment, versioning and working with multiple [i.e. >=2!!!] people on the same processes is a nightmare: We use different folders for different branches and there is not help whatsoever when there are conflicts. Even worde: RM encourages you to just overwrite files! Luckily we are not in the 1950ths anymore and you could easily make use of existing versioning systems. You could even save time and strip off some of the weird functionality of git in order to make it work like svn (because, hey, if users choose a graphical tool like RM because they do not want to use code then we can be pretty sure that they [like me] do not want to know the differences between commit and push, pull and fetch, reset and reset hard, branches, ....). Additionally you should create a nice diff viewer (not based on the pure xml files RM is producing but rather in the same graphical manner you present proceses in the usual way... i.e. it could 'mark' areas with red or green color depending whether or not some ops were removed or added in that 'area' of the process). That would be really helpful in order to resolve conflicts.




Fabian Werner

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