"Check for updates" setting is ignored

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I have "Check for updates on start-up" unchecked in the setting of RapidMiner Studio 8.1.0. Still, at the start-up I was informed about a new version of RapidMiner.


Some people could call it a violation of trust - if you explicitly opt out, your decision should be honored.



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hello @yzan - I value your feedback but wish to express a different opinion. Opting out on "check for updates" means that RapidMiner will not examine your version, ping our servers, compare, and give you a pop-up window asking whether or not you want to upgrade. You can obviously opt-out for all sorts of reasons (that we don't need to know about) but my assumption is that most people opt out either (a) because they find this annoying, or (b) they don't want RapidMiner pinging our servers every time they start up. To me, this is very different that a news notification that everyone sees on startup just giving you the latest "news from RapidMiner" which of course (a) includes sharing when we have updates, and (b) is not specific to you and your setup.


Nevertheless your view and feedback are very valued but I think I'm pushing this thread to "Product Ideas" rather than "Product Feedback" which is exclusively reserved for bug reporting. Tagging @alebo who is product manager for RM Studio in case he has another opinion.




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Status: Open For Voting