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Deploying Process on Rapid Miner Server

Hi I am trying to deploy a process on Rapid Miner Server from Rapid Miner Studio. When I click on 'Run Process on Server Option' I get the message that 'Process Submitted Successfully to Server' but that process runs endlessly and nothing happens. Can anyone suggest something ? Thanks in advance
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Re: Deploying Process on Rapid Miner Server

hello @rrrajat111 - welcome to the community.  So from what you are describing, it seems that you have a RM Server process that is either hung or just so massive that it will run forever.  Normally RM Server is for deployment solutions; have you run this in Studio beforehand?  Have you tried reducing the size of your data set and running it?




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Re: Deploying Process on Rapid Miner Server

Hi @rrrajat111


You actually can abort the process on the server (on Process-Scheduler page) and then click on the Log icon at the right, there you will see at which exacly operator it was stuck when you aborted it. This might give you a clue.




But I also agree with @sgenzer that you should try running it locally first.

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Re: Deploying Process on Rapid Miner Server

You either need to enter the Server's web interface or use the Server Monitor Panel in Studio to know what happens in a server process. 

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