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Learner III

ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED (refused to connect) on web service created

Hi Experts,

I created a webservice and it works fine when i test it but if i use the direct link on my browser it gives me an error of

  This site cant be reached.

  <hostname> refused to connect



 I already created an anonymous user and set the permission rights as well as setting the ff. to true:


com.rapidanalytics.web.anonymous_resources true
com.rapidanalytics.web.anonymous_services true

and i also read from another forum to add "public" 


What seems to be the problem? 


Thank you

RM Staff
RM Staff

Re: ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED (refused to connect) on web service created

Hi january_febro,


did you create the user anonymous?

Since recent API changes the path for anonymous webservices changed to /api/rest/public/process/<webserviceID>

You will find all other information regarding this topic on http://docs.rapidminer.com/server/administration/user-management/special-users.html


Best regards,


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