Importing jars to RapidMiner Server

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Newbie vinay7989

Importing jars to RapidMiner Server

My process includes a java snippet which imports an external library jar file. I moved the jar file to the studio lib folder and it is recognized in the studio java snippet import.


But when I move the process to server, where should I put the external jars? I put it in server installation folder, server uploads folder, server plugins folder and restarted server everytime. It is not being read by the server.

I am not building an extension but rather using an external library in the java snippet which gets imported and works in studio.

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Re: Importing jars to RapidMiner Server



You need to put the jar files into the Server's ear file which is a normal Zip archive.

You'll find it in <installdir>/standalone/deployments/rapidminer-server-<version>.ear.

The server shouldn't be running while you manipulate the ear file. Create a backup before changing it.


This is of course not a supported configuration and will void any warranty. 




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