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Javascript call to update an AppObject



What would be the javascript call I'd need to use to update an app object? 

For example to create a form with a submit button which then updates an app object with the text result. 


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Re: Javascript call to update an AppObject

Hi John,

I don't think this is possible in a direct way.

However we developed a module that allows you to generate forms from a form specification table. This form will be published as raw html that you show as HTML component in the Web App.
You can parametrize the process creating this component and tell him which variable you want to use to store the results. This is done either on any change in the form data or when you press a button. 


You then use a second process that will unwrap the data that has been stored inside the plain text variable and return it to you as a one line example set. Unfortunately due to a misdesigned method call in the Javascript API of RapidMiner it is not possible (at least not due to my knowledge and I tried really hard) to execute a process automatically that get's the variables current values. You can execute a process, but it will be oblivious of the current context of the Web App and hence is pretty much use less.

So you end up to:

- Make a form auto commiting

- Build a Button that executes the process


Here's an example of how it can look like. Had to mask the captions due to confidentiality, but I think you get the idea.


Large, tabular formLarge, tabular form

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