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RM Staff

Re: Rapidminer Server Webservice - Access-Control-Allow-Origin

Hi Steve,


we are still investigating the CORS problem. 

Nevertheless there are built-in solutions for special use cases, e.g. connect to a webservice from Tableau.

Here you would simply need to define the output format OData of a RapidMiner Server webservice and when connecting to this webservice from within Tableau you need to create an OData connection type with the URL of the webservice as source.

The only restriction is that the Output needs to be a RapidMiner ExampleSet.

Other RapidMiner Objects need to be converted. In addition to the built-in Operators there is e.g. the Converters extension available on the marketplace which contains more converters.




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Learner I

Re: Rapidminer Server Webservice - Access-Control-Allow-Origin

Am also interested in this topic. Thanks for updating this post as soon as a solution is available.

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