‎05-08-2017 06:14 AM

Annoying isn't it?

Followed all the steps, created your service and the URL server gives you somehow does not work. There is a reason and a solution.


1. Service created and tested. We are given a URL for it.


Server Services article 1.png


2. Clicking on the URL: http://www.rmde-preserver.com:8080/api/rest/process/CCF%20Model? fails

Server Services article 3.png

The reason for this is that it reflects the machine name, not the actual web service. If the server is on your machine, it is ok but with remote servers, you need to make a change.


3. Copy the URL that you used to access the Server Admin Interface:

Server Services article 2.png


4. Paste it in a new tab and keep only part of it: http://partnersrv.rapidminer.com:8080/faces/restricted/testservice.xhtml

5. Then copy the end part of the URL that failed earlier: http://www.rmde-preserver.com:8080/api/rest/process/CCF%20Model?

6. And put them together like so: http://partnersrv.rapidminer.com:8080/api/rest/process/CCF%20Model?


Your service should now work as intended, have a nice day :-)