Chart Design in Advanced Charts like automatic one

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Learner III monika_schnegel
Learner III

Chart Design in Advanced Charts like automatic one



since in the automatic Chart Generator of Rapidminer is not able to order by alphabet, i tried to build the Bubble-Chart in advanced Charts. 

But i have some Problem. (Look at grafik problem)

1) How can i define "Checkered" Backround like in the automatic one? I want darker lines where the y-attributes and the x-attributes are. (both nominal)

2) The attributes of the x-axis are not under the little line. How can i place them a little bit more left?


(3 Its not that important, but can i push the x-axis more to the y-axis (red arrow)? and can i define the line around the "bubbles" in a other colour than black?)


Kind Regards and thank you for your help