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Data Analyst


I am new to analysing of data using rapidminer studio and have no idea how to start with. 

I have a training dataset as below which I have imported and the datatype shows polynominal.

  • Date: 24/2/2016
  • Time: 5:54:46 AM
  • Employee: A888
  • Status: Early

I would like to analyst the following, not sure if it is possible. Can anyone kindly guide me? Thanks.

  1. Analyst the pattern of each employee clocking to work
  2. Predict if the employee is a late comer
  3. Grouping employee into cluster based on time range
RM Certified Expert
RM Certified Expert

Re: Data Analyst

Yes you can do all that in RapidMiner. You have to use several operators like Aggregate, Nominal to Date, and Loop. This way to you can aggregate around different employees and loop through each employee. 

RM Certified Expert
RM Certified Expert

Re: Data Analyst

You may also want to look at the "Date to Numerical" operator if you are interested in extracting information that will make recurring patterns easier to analyze and identify, such as the hour of the day of arrival, or day of the week/month, etc.  This is typically better to work with for these types of analysis than the raw date/time stamp data.


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